EY Financial Planner Line® (EYFPL)

Q. What is the EY Financial Planner Line®?
A. The EY Financial Planner Line® is an important part of your personal financial planning benefit. With EY, you have unlimited, toll-free access to financial counseling over the phone. EY financial planners will help answer your financial questions, and educate you on all of your money-related needs and goals. The EYFPL is offered at no cost to you and there is no limit on the number of calls you can make.

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EY Financial Planning Center® (EYFPC)

Q. What is the EY Financial Planning Center®?
A. The EY Financial Planning Center® (EYFPC) is your online resource for financial education and planning. Through the EYFPC, you can learn about financial planning topics, evaluate your personal situation with calculators, questionnaires and other personal assessment tools, and create your financial wellness plan. You even have access to step-by-step EY recommendations for navigating major life events.

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